Bob Bischoff on the 1 watt StreetRunner after completing this year’s 204 mile Reach the Beach relay race with a 5 man Ultra team:
“The vest was great! I felt like I was lighting up the course for all the other racers near me. Not once did I feel like could not see the terrain. I really felt comfortable running in extremely dark areas. The lighting was the best I have ever used”.

A recent customer sent us these glowing comments: Subject: RE: SPORT RUNNER LITEBELT
“ I have been using my LiteBelt and I love it!! I love the different options for brightness, the ability to swivel the light source up and down, the belt itself is very light weight and not bulky at all. I feel so much more secure being able to see my surroundings, knowing others can see me as well, and knowing that my night running accessories are close at hand…Thank you sooo much for designing such a wonderful product and bringing it to market. I would most definitely recommend this product to fellow runners!” – Melinda

Happy Ultra customer:
“The (Bear) 100 miler in Sept. went well. I finished 5th overall in just over 24 hrs. The light was fantastic! I attached it to my waist hydration pack. It lit the trail very well. Thanks again.” – Scott

Customer response:
“I love the vest! So much easier walking this time of year when you don’t have to carry a flashlight.”

Industry Veteran on the SportRunner:
“Love It, Love it, Love it.”

One of our first reps:
“I got to try out the sternum light kit last night (in the rain), and any skepticism I had on the viability of a body-mounted lighting system is gone. I am a believer, and will probably only use all my various headlamps very infrequently now, for specific purposes. If you are interested in hiring me to represent GOMOTION in New England, I am very interested in representing the line”.

Special Forces Team Leader:
“Got the vests – great stuff”

Runner’s World Blogger, Sarah Bowen Shea:
“I got to test a just-hitting-retail GoMotion Street Runner LiteVest during the Hood to Coast last month, and it was awesome. The chest-height light cast a wide, bright beam–no tunnel-vision light like from a headlamp. And the flashing red light in the center of my back, along with reflective piping, made me feel visible to cars coming from behind.”

Katerie OsBorn – Hagz from the Hood:
“Our Hood-to-Coast team, Hagz from the Hood, tested the GoMotion Street Runner Lite Vest and the STERNUM 3 WATT LED KIT that retrofits to existing backs such as a Camelbak this year too. We loved not having to wear a pinching headlamp and that the GoMotion light showed every sidewalk crack and pavement hole. The visibility that tiny light created was amazing! I have since run with the GoMotion on a full moon run this week and it was awesome!”

Consumer Comments via email:
“It’s a fantastic product. I won’t run at night without it. Thank you so much for all of your help.” – Glenn
“I got to test a just-hitting-retail GoMotion Street Runner LiteVest during the Hood to Coast last month, and it was awesome.”

Dirty Avocados:
“This light set-up is new and revolutionary…”

RSN Outdoors:
“If you live north of the Equator, and you like to run in the winter, it’s going to be dark after work…”.

OR Daily:
“It’s more stable, more comfortable, and gives you a lot more peripheral vision, better night vision, and depth perception”.

The Gear Runner:
“Here are a few items that caught my eye today…The Sport Runner Litebelt from Go Motion is an interesting replacement or enhancement for headlamp wearers. “

Running Times:
Taking a different approach to running in low-light conditions, GoMotion joined a light source with a running vest.