The Rotary Dial is hard to twist

The Rotary Dial that adjusts the beam from wide to narrow can become stuck in place after long periods of storage, especially when recently purchased and used for the first time. To twist the Rotary Dial, grab the two tabs between the thumb and forefinger and twist in the direction of the narrow icon as you would when opening a bottle cap. A strong twist will dis-engage the seal and the Rotary Dial will then rotate easily back and forth.

Is my GoMotion light waterproof?

We have designed our GoMotion lights and battery packs to meet the international water resistant rating of IPX-3. It can withstand direct showers, but is not meant for submersion.

Are my batteries rechargeable?

GoMotion lights are supplied in two power formats. Our 100 Lumen lights are currently powered with standard Energizer © AA alkaline batteries and these are not rechargeable. However, GoMotion has launched a new line of 150 Lumen lights featuring a Lithium-Ion battery pack – this battery is rechargeable and GoMotion supplies a mini-USB recharging cord with each light. Using the min-USB cord, these batteries can be charged from a PC, car, or external battery box (such as your Apple © iphone charger. As an option for your AA batteries, you can also use Energizer Rechargeable Lithium batteries.

How long will my batteries last?

This is a very broad question as so many things, such as temperature, or how long the batteries were on a shelf, can effect battery life. It is also very dependant on what brightness setting you chose to run your light. Using either standard new Energizer AA batteries or the fully charged Li-Ion battery, you can expect the following estimated times for continuous use (longer if intermittent use):

100 Lumen LED:
High – 8 hrs; Med – 20+ hrs; Low – 50+ hrs

Note: These are regulated times. You will see some lighting companies give both regulated and unregulated times. Unregulated battery life claims end only when there is a minimal but still visible sign of light emitting in a dark room. It is not a usable light. Our claims are based on a steady, consistent output.

Can I clean my GoMotion light?

Yes, do not use an ammonia based cleaner (i.e. Windex). Use a gentle soap & water mix on a damp towel and wipe clean. Don’t submerge the led module or battery pack.

You can remove all the electronic components of your LiteVest or LiteBelt, and wash the pack or belt in normal gentle cycle wash. Please refer to the owner’s manual (link) for removal/installation instructions.

Are GoMotion lights “regulated”?

Yes. The power source is regulated to provide a consistent output over the life of the batteries. Unregulated lights tend to start out bright, but quickly start to drop off in output.

How does the battery management system work?

The GoMotion lights have been designed to include real time battery condition feedback. The green light in the light mode area means your batteries are healthy. When the light changes to red, it indicates that your batteries have dropped to below 10% of remaining life. You can push the mode button to reduce brightness to the next level, and the light will change back to green to indicate you have more than 10% battery life remaining.

Can I turn off the red flashing led tail lights?

Yes. With the main power on, simply hold the Mode button down for 2-3 seconds. This will turn the flashing red led lights off that are built into the battery pack while leaving the main led front light on.

Should I remove batteries during storage?


Why won’t my light turn on right away?

First, simply insert the 2nd or 3rd battery (depending on the model) into the battery pack to compete the connection with the battery contacts. The batteries are removed so the light will not accidentally turn on in shipping.

On earlier models, GoMotion supplied a plastic tab to separate two of the three batteries from the battery contacts. This plastic tab is inserted so that the current is disconnected and the light will not turn on in shipping. Follow the instructions on the removable label on the battery door. Simply open the battery door, remove the plastic tab and reconnect the batteries.

Is the GoMotion light shipped with a protective lens cover?

Not any more, as we felt it was not needed.  However, on earlier models prior to the 100 and 150 Lumen series, there was a small oval sticker or static label attached to the outside of the lens to protect it during shipping. Simply pull the raised edge of the oval label and remove.