About GoMotion

About GoMotion  The GoMotion © concept is the brainchild of Jonathan Craig and Bob Hunnewell, a pair of Boston-based innovators that were simply not willing to shelve their running habits in the dark of a New England winter. Unsatisfied with the available choices of highway reflective vests and forehead-mounted mini lamps, they went back to the drawing board.

The GoMotion Light first came to life when Craig fashioned a then state-of-the-art incandescent lens onto a hand-carved wood chest plate and tied it to his torso using a rope harness. Mounted on his chest for stability and minimal movement, Craig had created the foundation for a true outdoor innovation.

The GoMotion product line is the result of a passion for the outdoors, a bit of ingenuity and problem solving, combined with the desire to be active outside within the constraints of today’s busy schedules.

Technology The patented GoMotion © light is designed first and foremost as a body-mounted light source – a wearable light. GoMotion lights incorporates a high-output, low-profile LED with multiple functions including over 100° adjustable beam angle, wide-to-narrow beam width control, and three brightness level options; mounted in a comfortable and stable location on the body. GoMotion lights are attached to performance packs, vests, and belts made of breathable mesh & high-tech fabrics offering unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The GoMotion line also includes a sternum-mounted light that retrofit onto shoulder straps of existing packs and waist-mounted lights that quickly attach to waist hydration packs and waist belts of all types. Additional road safety features include twin red flashing LEDs mounted on the external battery box that can be seen from over 500 meters away and all GoMotion vests and belts have bold reflective trim and stripes.