Lehigh Valley Running reviews GoMotion

GoMotion Sport Runner Litebelt – Front View 

This product has been my savior

I am an early morning runner which means I run in the dark a lot. If you’re like me you’ve noticed that there is a certain time when the traffic really picks up, usually around 6:30 am where I live. I’ve been building my running inventory over the past couple of years to include items from reflective gear to lights. You can never be too safe when taking your running to the streets, especially in those pre-dawn hours. I use to run with a headlamp but it became rather uncomfortable as it pressed against my head or worse, as I began to sweat the headlamp would begin to lose it’s grip and slip down off my forehead. I began looking for other options.

I discovered the GoMotion Litebelt around a year ago. It’s a waist pack with a bright LED light which adjusts to three different light beam levels as well as adjusting horizontally so that you can direct the beam down to the ground or directly in front of you. The light belt also has a flashing red light on the back of the waist pack. There are two reflective pockets on it for storing keys, a phone or other running necessities. The belt is adjustable to fit all sizes and is so lightweight I barely notice it when I’m running.

GoMotion Sport Runner Litebelt – Rear View 



This product has been my savior. No longer do I have headlamp imprints on my forehead following my run. Those early morning training sessions of mine are much more enjoyable now that I know the oncoming drivers can see me, and from a further distance than previously. The bright LED shines far enough ahead of me giving me confidence of being seen as well as lighting up the ground in front of me.I have recommended the GoMotion Litebelt to fellow runners whom also run in the dark and will continue to do so.

GoMotion also makes running litevests. There are the Street Runner and Trail Runner Litevest options. The Trail Runner Litevest has a larger storage area on the back which holds a hydration cell.


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