Buffalo PD likes GoMotion

Some customers write us, and we just have to share:

Yeah, I’m writing this at some un-gawdly hour, as I just had to go for a midnight run and test out the GoMotion Waist Light.  The result: I absolutely love this product!  I have written a recommendation to my local Fleet Feet store about it, as it far outperforms what they offer for a waist light.

You’ll love this story.  The end of my run took me past a local police station.  Just before my going past their office, a cruiser pulled in and slowed down, rolling down his window.  He had passed me a mile out on the road, and wanted to know what I was wearing for light.  The officer commented that he could pick me out over a quarter mile away.  He thought that every night time walker or runner should wear one of these for safety’s sake…I was so excited to get home to find that my run was at approximately the same pace as a daytime run, something that has never happened with other lighting products.
Thanks again!  As I said, this product is sheer genius!  Every runner should have one!
Run with joy, 
Deb” – Buffalo, NY

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