Review: Products to help light your biking, hiking way

Innovations include the Go Motion Sternum light, Blackburn Flea bike lights, Black Diamond Orbit Lantern and Nite Ize SpokeLit. 

If you’re always worrying that there aren’t enough hours in the day to safely complete your workout or human-powered commute to work, lighten up. A number of innovative new sports lights for biking, hiking and trail-running can help you stretch out the short days of winter and go deep into the night in summer. 

Go Motion Sternum light 

This light for trail-runners and hikers attaches to the front straps of a backpack, casting a chest-high beam. 

Likes: Relief for those who find a headlamp irritating. The 3-watt LED casts a moderately strong beam, which can be adjusted from wide to narrow with a rotary dial. Three AA batteries fit in a case that you put in your backpack. A bright-red warning light flashes from the battery case. 

Dislikes: The dial is hard to turn. 

— Roy M. Wallack 

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