All Season Standouts – We Sift Through the Newest Gear to Find Real Winners

Twice a year, the outdoor industry floods the market with the newest innovations in materials and designs. At the Outdoor Retailer Show, held in August in Salt Lake City, many products highlighted were simply “new and improved.” 

But there were a few truly innovative finds, and products that were just plain sensible. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of this year’s standouts for all seasons. Most of these are available now, but others will be showing up in the next couple of months. 

GoMotion Sternum Light Kit 
* $90, 

“Extend the day” is this company’s motto, and we agree. With this powerful 3-watt LED lamp, there’s no need to stop running (its target sport, though it would work great for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, etc.). Designed to attach comfortably across the straps of any backpack (much like a typical sternum strap), the light casts a perfectly angled beam, maximizing shadows for optimal contrast while leaving hands and head free. The bulb is super-bright and lasts several hours.

This article is also available at Rocky Mountain News

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